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How to get a pay rise ?

How to get a pay rise ?

1. Adopt a relaxed attitude.

 To negotiate a salary increase, it is essential to approach the topic in a cordial tone. The discussion with your supervisor must be an exchange and not a showdown. Your professional development depends on it.

So do not absolutely have to steer or deflect the caller.

2. Be convinced of your request legitimacy.

If you do not think you deserve the increase, it will be very difficult to convince your boss. A person feels quickly your mindset and you would be betrayed quickly without realizing it.

If you request an increase, it is because you have a legitimate reason, so you'll have everything you need on your side to defend your application. Gather your successes, if possible quantify it, and mention it in your interview.

For example, if you know your last contract gave 100,000 euros to your company, it is important to evoke it.

Throughout the process, adopt a positive attitude, smile, it can only show your interviewer that you are motivated and want to see your company evoluate. So naturally, if your company grows, it will seem normal to your boss that you evoluate with it.

3. Adapt yourself to your interlocutor.

 Here it may be effective to borrow a few methods to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It is very important that you adapt your behaviour to the person's one in front of you. Act like a mirror, reproduce attitudes, positions he takes, without caricaturing him. This action will give him impression that you are linked to him and he will be more responsive.

You probably work for a long time with him and you know his priorities. Adapt your language to what is important to that person. For example, objectives holding, warmth with your partner. Highlight the points you can be sure they will be heard.

4. Be reasonable.

Do not think you can double your salary through an interview, the only way to achieve that is to evolve inside the company by accepting more responsibilities. The day a place will be vacant, feel free to propose yourself to it. Even if you are not successful, it will prove that you want to imply yourself in the company.

In the case of a pay rise, a realistic range would be between a 4 and 10% increase. You mustn't give an exact amount to avoid offending your partner.

The best time to request an increase is the annual talk. It allows you to talk about the success of the past year.

Many company are very reluctant to grant fixed wage increases because they have established salary ranges and might be embarrassed if other employees discover your increase. Do not neglect bonuses. A bonus is much easier to obtain and can be negotiated to be obtained at regular intervals.

If you feel a real barrier to a fixed salary increase, you can try to negotiate a variable salary part following objectives. It may be worthwhile to mention transportation costs or stock options in large enterprises.

In any case, do not hurry, do not expect to have your pay rise directly after the interview. Your boss has got the message and will perhaps need that you prove him the correctness of your application one more time.

It is therefore important that you get more success after your request. He will be more attentive about your missions after your application, because you are in demonstration phase of your qualities and your indispensability within the company.


Give the best of yourself !