How to maintain orchids

How to maintain orchids

Light is vital for this kidn of plant. Choose a location near a window, taking care to avoid sun directly on it. In summer, use a curtain to filter the sun. However in winter, let the sun shine on it to prevent buds from falling or dry.

For irrigation, use of soft water (rain water or mineral water but not tap water). The best is to dip the bottom of your pot in a water bath for about twenty minutes (2 to 3 times a week in spring and summer). Feel free to spray water on your orchid once a day. In winter, watering every 15 days will suffice. You can add special orchid fertilizer every 15 days between May and September.



You should repot your orchids every two years when pot is becoming too small. Prefer to do the repotting in May. Be careful not to cut the roots and use a new substrate in the new pot.