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How to insulate your house?

How to insulate your house? We can judge the performance of a house on the energy plan to the insulation. Good insulation will reduce its energy costs. The construction of new houses and units are now subject to compliance with various standards. It is true that the owner of any interest in isolating more than his house. It must involve the isolation ventilation to fight against condensation and humidity in the house.


The heat moves from warm areas to cold areas. When a room is heated, the hot air expands and escapes through walls, ceilings, windows ... The insulation will help to limit this exchange between inside and outside by tackling the most sensitive areas such as windows (double glazing, for example).

The thermal coefficient determines the quality of insulation. The more it is, the more the house will be well insulated.
The heat comes from the back of a radiator will escape through the wall on which it is attached. To avoid this, put aluminum foil behind the radiator.


Insulation solutions

Loose fill such as fiberglass are useful to isolate sensitive areas such as attics and roofs.

Insulation tape used to insulate the flat surfaces and are used in the rafters for example.

Insulation made from aluminum can prevent loss of heat to the outside.

To choose the right insulation, consider the sale price, ease of installation, its thermal and where it will be installed. For small jobs, known as DIY, as caulking doors or windows, are simple and useful things to do. Concerning the heavy insulation work, it is recommended that you contact a professional.

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