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How to paint an inside wall?

How to paint an inside wall?

Choice of paint

For the choice of paint, several criteria must be taken into account. We can arrange the paintings in two categories. These oil based and water-based ones. The oil-based paint raises difficult but is very strong. The water-based provides a very satisfactory result and has an easier installation. We can also note that there are 4 types of finishes:

- Matt (paint that does not shine almost)

- Satin finish (paint that shines slightly)

- Bright (bright paint)

- Ultra Bright (painting with a mirror effect).

Amount of paint


In order to spend not unnecessary money , it is important to buy the right amount of paint.


To do this, calculate the number of square meters to paint (adding length * height of the room). Then calculate the surface elements do not paint (doors, windows ...). Subtract this result to the total area to be painted and you have the exact number of square feet to paint.

Going to store and read the instructions carefully paint pots because the number of square meters with a paint pot varies by carrier and type of paint.


The painting bought begin such work.

Ensure first to have all the necessary equipment.


Materials needed:

- Paint brushes

- A roll

- Paint

- Scraper

- A grill pan

- Tape and newsprint

Protect surfaces not to paint


Empty the room you want to repaint all of its furniture. While some furniture can be removed, protected with a tarpaulin. Do the same with the ground by placing newspapers or other protection on it.

If the walls are in good condition, paint them with no trouble. Otherwise, remove the old layer. To do this, use a scraper and sandpaper. After scratching your wall, wash it. It is possible to facilitate the task using a stripper will soften the paint and allow to take off more easily.

Once the wall is ready to be painted, to protect parts of the ceiling which form angles with the wall paint, not to mention the doorways and windows.

Paint application

Start by mixing paint. Moisten the brush with water for painting and water with a solvent for the oil. First paint the corners and edges of the recesses. For this, use a brush drawing on the painting to avoid over-thick. Always thinking about painting from top to bottom.

Angles identified, tackle the recovery of the wall surface. To do this, use the roller. Pour the paint into the tray provided for this purpose and place above the grid spinning. Then it's possible to easily charge and spin roller.

Paint with the roller

To effectively paint roller, working in areas of approximately 1m square using a two crosswise:

- A first pass in the vertical direction to apply the paint.

- A second horizontally to spread the paint evenly.


Start at the top of the room and then gradually descend to the ground.

Depending on the quality of the support and painting, he will repeat a second or even third coat.

Before the paint is dry, consider removing all adhesive protectors.