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How to put lino?

How to put lino?

The linoleum can be laid on most surfaces (concrete, wooden floors, tiled ...), which makes this material very useful. Well known for its economic side and ease of installation, it must nevertheless contain some techniques to ensure a perfect pose.

Materials needed:

- Sheets for the template

- Marker

- Cutter

- Adhesive corresponding to the target surface

- Roll Floor

Make sure first that the ground on which you want to put the linoleum is perfectly flat, dry and clean.


Then make the template of the room in which you want to put the linoleum. To do this, we advise you to spread sheets of paper on the floor of the room until the latter is completely covered. Attach the sheets to one another with adhesive. Extending the linoleum in a larger room and put the template above. Trace the outline of the template to the marker, leaving a few inches of clearance around the template. Lino cut following the lines drawn.


Place the lino in the final part. Linoleum cutter to cut back on that wall.


Once the cut is made, spread the floor of the adhesive corresponding to the surface to be coated. Start by putting glue on half of the piece and remove the linoleum top. Proceed similarly for the second half.


You can finish driving out air bubbles from center to ends using a rolling floor for example.

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