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Best websites for illustration pictures

Best websites for illustration pictures

Illustrating articles or Powerpoint presentation by beautiful and impressive pictures is a must-have to catch public's eye.

With today's technologies, nothing easier than taking a digital picture that we'll put beside the text to illustrate.


But sometimes, for geographic or time constraints, it's necessary to ask services from websites proposing good quality images.

It's quite simple to find pictures on the web, but it's already more difficult to find some good quality pictures at reasonnable price.

You surely don't want to get bad illustration images for your important Powerpoint slides. Here, you'll find some relevant websites providing good illustration pictures :


Getty Images : Can be expensive (between 50 and 500$) but contains mostly professional quality pictures.

Google Images Search : Pictures are free but you must get authorisation from owner.

Flickr : Good selection of amateurs pictures but again you must get authorisation from owner.

Wikimedia : Huge amount of free pictures but you have to check usage restrictions.

Fotolia : Cheap pictures and good quality.


You'll find lot of others websites providing illustration pictures, but you have to be careful about usage restrictions, otherwise you expose yourself to some troubles.