Prénom Jade
The name Jade is one of the most  fashionable name now. Its origin comes from the Spanish "piedra de ijada"…
Prénom Noah
Noah's first name is a name of Hebrew origin, derived from Noé, meaning "peace" and "rest".
Prénom Alain
Since 1900, more than 500,000 peoples have worn the name Alain. The origins and meaning of the name Alain differ.…
Prenom Philippe
The name Philip is a name of Greek origin from "Philippos", meaning "who loves horses."
Prenom Jean
The name Jean was one of the most likely names in France. However, its popularity declined from year to year.…
Prénom Nathan
Nathan's first name appears among the names given the most in 2010 and 2011. Nathan is a name of Hebrew…
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