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How to remove the handache caused by crutches Featured

How to remove the handache caused by crutches

You recently had an accident or had your leg operated on, and are now on crutches until you are healed. In addition to the pain or difficulty moving around with your new metal "legs", your hands are now also sore. The pressure exerted on them during your travels is the main cause of these pains. Your tendons, blood vessels and nerves are under strain.

So what can you do to make your journeys more comfortable?


Buy two large, fairly firm sponges. To fix the sponges, you can use physiotherapy straps / tapes (available in sports stores like decathlon). If you do not have straps, you can simply hang them with adhesive tape (beware, the latter can become slippery with perspiration) and / or plasters made of soft material. Be careful not to over-tighten the sponges when attaching, so that the sponges can fill with air each time you release the pressure.


You can use pieces of fabric or bandanas to make your crutches more comfortable. Again, use straps, tape or plasters to secure the whole thing.

Cyclist gloves

Cyclist gloves with foam padding are available in sports stores. Take them preferably with a non-slip material on the palm.

At the start of your recovery, do not use too much force while traveling. Avoid long journeys, walk slowly and take regular breaks to re-activate the circulation of blood in your hands. You can also massage your palms to relieve the pain. Above all, don't forget to listen to your body!

Good recovery !