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How to give a relaxing massage ?

How to give a relaxing massage ?

It is very impotant that you be careful with your partner's reactions, dose your massage compared to the reactions that you hear and feel. It is anyway better not to insist too heavily, or you risk to pull a muscle.

Also, do not insist on the spine so as not to risk moving a vertebra.

Oil your hands before starting the massage for comfort.

There are two main types of massages that you can practice with your partner :

1. Relaxing massage

Your goal is to relax your partner up to make him forget all the stresses of everyday life. Thus, you will have slow and calm gestures, very uniform. If you're doing well, do not be surprised if your partner falls asleep, it means you're good.

2. Sensual massage

In this case, it is better that the partner does not fall asleep. Rather it will vary the speed and pressure.

The most erotic massage is following is the melee. Simply massage the other with all his body parts, such as forearms, chest ...

In all cases, you can use a massage roller that gives differents sensations compared to hands.

For the movements, you can get some inspirations by the video below.

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