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How to choose car tires?

How to choose car tires?

Tires are one of the most essential parts of a car. One should choose them carefully because they contribute to the car handling and help passenger comfort. There are different criteria to consider in choosing tires.


There are different types of mixtures and they differ depending on the manufacturer.

Performance will vary depending on the gums used for consistency. The price may also increase rapidly depending on the quality of the tire. Therefore, one must select them mainly according to its budget, but not only. Also consider the wear and longevity of the tire.Then get interested in the tire structure.

The tire structure

Whether you're driving on short trips around town or on motorways, in winter or summer, your choice of tires will not be the same. Regarding snow tires, select a robust model for it resists better to the rigors of snow. There is one final point that can play in the choice of tire, is the design. It is currently based on older models.

Currently, it is possible to classify the tires into 4 categories:

- Super-premium tires that provide maximum performance as much for the road grip as for braking and passenger comfort. These are the best tires. But they can be quite expensive.

- Premium tires that are qualified high-tech.

- The standard tires that offer a good compromise between quality and price

- The first tire prices, which despite their low prices are still good. Note that with these tires , you will not get the same performance as with those of better quality.