Home House Cleaning How to get rid of cockroaches ?

How to get rid of cockroaches ?

How to get rid of cockroaches ?

Prior to any disposal of cockroaches, trying to make every effort to prevent their arrival.




You must try your best to avoid any conditions that could encourage the installation of cockroaches in your house. Never leave water or food lying around and make sure to clean any spilled substance. Regarding foods for pets, you can place the bowl containing the water in a dish filled with soapy water to trap cockroaches who try to get into it.

Keep your food as much as possible in sealed boxes. Regularly clean your electrical appliances (especially oil stains). Avoid to the maximum to leave any dishes or garbage in your trash. Vacuum regularly to eliminate the eggs. Dehumidify the wet area of your home as cockroaches especially enjoy damp areas. If despite all your efforts, cockroaches have managed to live with you, proceed to their elimination.



To eliminate this invasion, there are products on the market that are sticky traps. You can create yourself such traps, brushing the bottom of a tin can with Vaseline for example. Add wet bread on the bottom to attract them and now these poor little creatures trapped. Get rid of cockroaches trapped by drowning them in soapy water.


To prevent other cockroaches to invade your house, block any cracks around the foundation and any hole in your wall that could serve as an access point. Search and block all access points (baseboards, sinks, vents ...). There are sealing strips that you can put around doors and windows to prevent the spread of cockroaches.

If this biological control did not work, switch to the chemical route.


Buy a simple insecticides (eg diatomaceous earth which is less toxic to humans). Place this fine powder in places where insects pass. Once passed through the powder, they will dehydrate. You will see after a week all the cockroaches out of hiding to seek a water source. After about two weeks, they will die of dehydration. This powder is not toxic to humans or pets.