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How to avoid or remove a stitch

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The stitch  is a phenomenon that often happens to anyone practicing jogging. If it's annoying, there are techniques to remove a stitch and to prevent his arrival.

How to remove a stitch



- Begin by pressing your hand on the painful area.

- Lean over the side where you feel pain and exhale deeply.

- You can slow down the pace until it disappears or even stop if the pain becomes too intense.

- Concentrate on your breathing and make sure it is deep and slow.

- If the pain is persistent and excessive, to consult a doctor.


To avoid any pain or discomfort, it is best to do everything to prevent the arrival of a stitch.


How to prevent a stitch



To avoid the appearance of a stitch should start slowly and gradually increase the speed. Also remember to warm up well your diaphragm while breathing deeply with your mouth and then returning the belly inflate your stomach as you exhale.


Listen carefully to your breathing supply. This must be regular.


Also remember to drink in small sips if possible until your digestion is complete.