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How to do a drainage?

How to do a drainage?

Drainage is an operation that involves to promote artificially water evacuation . This can be done in order to protect his house from moisture.

Completion of the drainage

Start by digging around the house a trench up to the lower level of the foundations (if you have a basement, go as low as one).

Then place a bed of gravel (10 cm thick or less) at the bottom of the trench. Poser over the drain. The drain to retrieve the runoff. Ideally, the drain is connected to the wastewater to allow for easier removal of water. That is why it must be placed above the sewer level (to know the depth of the sewer, it is possible to obtain information from the cadastre of the municipality). The drain should be well placed with a slope (towards the sewers) of at least 2cm per meter. Water will thus flow easily.

Connect the drain to the sewers and then cover it completely with gravel so the land can not access the drain (otherwise it could clog the drain holes and prevent water from reaching it).


Replace the soil in place.


Your drainage system is done!