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How to grow basil ?

How to grow basil ?

To succeed in your culture, choosing basil sold in pots. This will avoid you to transplant the basil in a pot to another. From April, place the seedlings in the ground, having taken care to choose a rich soil well drained and not too wet. Ensure that plants receive much light as it will promote growth.



Basil is an easy plant to grow. We must nevertheless ensure to conduct regular watering for the plant to keep his green color. If water intake is too low, the leaves will tend to yellow. To benefit from a more dense foliage, you can eliminate the small white leaves that appear at the end of the basil stems. Protect well your plantsl in winter because they are very fragile against the cold.


Plants in the ground must receive proper mulching while those in pots will overwinter indoors. To restart the flowering, prune your plants in April so they have better growth. Upon the arrival of warm weather, to multiply your plants by collecting seeds need to grow basil in a light soil, well drained and aerated. Note that the basil does not particularly fear diseases or parasites.