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How to make a cottage garden?

How to make a cottage garden?

The cottage garden refers to a very old style that could be found near churches or rectories. These gardens had a utilitarian purpose as they used to feed the culture of fruits and vegetables but also flowers or herbs. This style is taken today to create gardens which mix fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. It's a Zen-like garden which is organized with four beds in the middle square with a pond or a well.

  Make a cottage garden

Start by choosing a space in your garden. It must be closed, surrounded by hedges or walls. Delineate geometric parts on the ground, separated by walkways. Along the hedges, choose tall species to balance the whole thing.  Stain the whole thing with flowers (roses, for example) and add  vegetables.


Do not hesitate to have fun and indulge on the mountain ranges:

- plant onions, potatoes or other radish and carrots.

- add rows of myosotis, lin, impatient or other immortal.

- accomodate everything with  herbs like thyme or mint.


The principle lies in the harmony and pleasure.