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How to fight against constipation

Lutter contre la constipation Lutter contre la constipation

Constipation is a problem which is sometimes difficult to talk openly. However most people suffer regularly. Fortunately there are several effective cures. But before you fight against constipation, we must make all effort to avoid its appearance.


Tips to avoid the occurrence of constipation


- Drink at least 1.5 L of water per day: liquids have the effect of softening the stool and so encourage their progress to the rectum.

- Drink fruit juices.

- Eat foods high in fiber to promote transit: fruit and vegetables, dry (beans, lentils ...), whole grains (wheat, oats ....), prunes.

- Perform regular exercise: sport will make you work your abdominal muscles, thereby facilitating the defection.

- Listen to your needs: we must go to the bathroom whenever you feel like it. Do not hold back and take your time especially to the bathroom even 15 minutes.

Tips to fight against constipation


- Do not abuse laxatives: although effective in the short term, they can irritate your intestinal wall.

- Glycerin suppositories: they facilitate the stool by increasing the pressure in the rectum.

- Rééduquez the perineum: Some exercises are used to synchronize the rectal and abdominal thrust with the opening of the sphincters.

- Another disease: constipatuion may hide a more serious disease (cancer, anal fissure, diabetes ...). If in addition to constipation you are subject to the fever, weight loss, vomiting ... do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.