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How to get rid of a party hangover ?

How to get rid of a party hangover ? Getty Images

Once again, you got this giant headache atfer a big party and you don't know how to get rid of this terrible pain in your head ? Being myself someone who like to party, i'll give you here some advices which work, that's not miracle solutions, but they work for most of people


1. Drink a lot of water during or just after the party.

The biggest mistake is to avoid drinking water before sleeping, that's how you wake up with a hammer smashing your brain.

The main reason of the hangover headache is the dehydration and, knowing your brain is mostly formed by water, you need to drink a large amount of water before sleeping. Some will tell you to dring sugared water, like for example by adding syrup, because it seems that fructose speeds up alcohol elimination.

Although, that's this kind of mix that you will have in your infusion if one day you get carried into an hospital because of your alcohol excess

So advice : prepare your mix water-syrup ou simply a big bottle of water before the party and put it in the frige, the pleasure will be enourmous when you will recover it after the party


2. Eat before the party

You should never begin a party without something in your stomac, because it's the best way to shorten fastly your evening. Indeed, alcohol would penetrate too fast in your blood and would cut you out of very cool party time while you are hanging the sink in the bathroom.

So, eat a good meal before the party or eat enough during the festivities.

If your host is tightfisted and that he didn't provide food for the guests, the solution "5AM Ketchup Pastas" remains. Cook yourself a big pastas plate, it's fast, easy to do for a drunk person (nevertheless, be careful with hot water !), that will decrease your alcohol in blood faster.

3. Take the "next day aspirin"

If despite all these good advices, you didn't manage to avoid the party hangover, the aspirin very-known technic still works in complement of a good rehydration (drink your liter of water upon awakening, it will do you much good) .

Every paracetamol-based medecine is good for you, in 500mg or 1g dose. In all cases, always consult medecine manual before taking it.


Here are the basic advices to keep to enjoy fully your night without too much consequences the next day. But in all cases, never drive after a party in which you drank alcohol and don't annoy the beautiful girls in the nightclub, in your shape, you have no chance !


Enjoy your parties as much as you can, nevertheless, alcohol has to be drink sparingly, your liver will thank you later !