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How to heal a blister ?

How to heal a blister ?

Blisters are the result of a rubbing stirring a skin irritation. Irritated skin goes red and becomes painful before getting fulled of a blister serum. Healing correctly blisters is important, but it also is to do everything to avoid them.

Avoiding blisters

There is no special technic to avoid blisters miraculously. Nevetheless, if you respect the following instructions, you will decrease the risk to have blisters :

- Choose shoes that fit well to your feet.

- Choose not to used socks and with good quality

- Put a sticking plaster at the friction points when you know you'll walk a lot.


Closed blister

After a big walk, you finally get blisters.
First step is to wash correctly your feet with water and soap. Then, take a sterilized needle and make a little hole in the blister to evacuate the liquid inside. You have to let the skin over the blister in order to recover faster. And finally, put a sticking plaster on it. There is no use to use antiseptic, you just must keep you feet clean.