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How to heal a sunstroke

How to heal a sunstroke

You've been exposed to the sun too long and you begin to suffer by feeling an overheating and a big headache ? You probably got a sunstroke. Sunstroke is a body overheat following a prolonged time exposed in the sun. Sunstroke can be dangerous for health, especially for old people and young children.

In order to remove headache and overheating sensation, put yourself in a colled place and take a long cold shower. You should drink a lot of water too.

In the most advanced case of sunstroke, you should call emergencies. Meanwhile, follow the previous advices to heal the affected person.

In roder to avoid sunstrokes, follow these few advices :

- Avoid prolonged sun exposition, especially during the warmest hours of the day.

- Avoid to get a rest in the sun

- Wear light colored hat and clothes

- Stay hydrated, even when you don't feel the thirst. Avoid drinks with alccol which accelerate dehydrating.