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How to treat conjunctivitis

Soigner une conjonctivite Soigner une conjonctivite

The conjunctiva is a disease that affects many people.



You have pain in one eye or both eyes?

You feel a tingling sensation in the eyes?

You have a burning sensation or abrasion?

Any secretions that form a crust during the night?

If you think you have any of these symptoms, then you've probably conjunctivitis. Do not panic, there are many ways to relieve you.


Treat conjunctivitis

There are threetypes ofconjunctivitis,viral,bacterialandallergic. Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria can be cured by the application of antibiotic eye drops. If conjunctivitis is viral, you should use eye drops antispetique. In the case of allergic conjunctivitis, stop the offending allergen (if you know which is it) and do more makeup for the duration of treatment. Treatment will be based on an antihistamine eye drops.