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Identifying a suspicious mole

Identifying a suspicious mole It's important to conduct surveillance of its moles by a doctor because some of them maybe dangerous. It's also necessary to look at them yourself in order to detect any abnormalities.

Four main points allow you to identify atypical moles. It's not universal rules that's why you should go to a doctor if you have any doubt.

Asymmetric: the mole shows no symmetry. If we draw a line in the middle of the mole, the two parties will not have the same shape.

  • Irregular edges: the edges are not clear.
  • Different colors: the mole is composed of several colors.
  • Diameter larger than 6 millimeters.


It is important to consider the large number of atypical molesThe more you have atypical moles, the more you're likely to have melanoma. In this case, be really careful to protect yourself when exposed to sunlight.

If this rule is not universal, there is a phenomena which is valid for any mole evolution. Button or any spot that changes should lead you to consult a doctor.