How to cure frostbite

Winter is here and with it its share of small and large sores. One of them is very annoying and painful: frostbite. Before seeing how we can treat them, it is important to do everything to prevent their appearance.


Prevent frostbite

To prevent frostbite from occurring, protect sensitive parts of your feet and hands from the cold. For this, use socks and gloves (wool) as well as suitable shoes. When you get home, be careful not to submerge or put your feet and hands in too hot water. The difference in temperature between your frozen body parts and the hot water can burn you. Instead, wait for your feet and hands to warm to room temperature before taking a bath or shower. There are natural remedies for frostbite like vitamins A, B3 and D.


Treat frostbite

A simple and effective first remedy for frostbite consists of immersing your hands and feet in a bath of hot water made from walnut leaves for several minutes each day. Use the leaves to gently massage your feet and hands. Dry well and wrap your feet and hands in wool. A few days of this treatment will be enough to make your frostbite disappear.

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