How to get rid of lice

Lice usually land in the fall. If their presence is most often at school, no one is safe from catching them. The products most often used today are much less effective than before. The parasite is increasingly resistant to usual treatments. To overcome this epidemic, it is necessary to follow the behavior recommended by the Superior Council of Public Hygiene.

Lice detection

liceLice are only 2-3mm in size and move very quickly. It is therefore difficult to spot them. They can be transparent (fasting) or gray (well fed) color. Itchy rashes behind the ears, on the back of the neck and temples that signal their presence. Then comes the appearance of nits which are caught in the hair. These nits are brown in color when alive and the hull turns white when empty. They can be confused with dandruff, with the difference that even when brushing they remain attached to the hair.

The treatment

Once the appearance of lice is determined, the hair must be treated. The most widely used products are antiparasitics based on malathion and permethrin. Care must be taken to follow the instructions on the instructions for use because these products can cause irritation to the scalp. Increasing the dose will not result in more effective treatment.

Efficiency check

Perform an efficacy check 2 days after application of the treatment. If lice remain, do not hesitate to restart the treatment with a different product. New lice can appear after 12 days because they come from the hatching of the eggs. In this case, repeat the treatment using the identical product.

A natural treatment

Natural treatments based on essential oils have appeared in recent years. The oils will fill the openings of the lice, which will fall asleep and suffocate. But for that you need a fatty substance, hence the ineffectiveness of drowning them with water for example.

Comprehensive treatment of all

As soon as one of the family members is infected, check for the presence of lice in each of the other members. This will prevent the spread of the epidemic.
All clothing that has been in possible contact with lice should be washed at 60 degrees. For items that aren't washable, slip them into the freezer overnight so the lice will starve or freeze to death.

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