How to heal a blister

The blisters are the result of rubbing causing irritation to the skin. The skin locally reddens and becomes painful before filling with serous fluid. While it is important to properly care for a blister, it is useful to do everything first to prevent its occurrence.


Avoid them

There is no technique or miracle recipe to avoid blow on a light bulb. However, by respecting the following prerogatives, you will minimize their chances of appearing:

- Choose shoes that are perfectly suited to your feet.

- Choose quality, unworn socks.

- Put a protective adhesive tape at the point of friction.


Closed bulb

After a long walk, you still catch a light bulb and it is closed. The first step is to wash your foot with soap and water.

Then take a sterile needle and pierce the blister without removing the skin above it.
Finally, place a plaster on the bulb. You don't need to use an anti-septic, just keep your foot clean.

Don't forget to take off your plaster overnight.

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