How to quit smoking

If you are reading this article, you have already taken the first step to quitting. If the will is paramount to quitting smoking, there are many solutions to help you in your process.


The patches are used to reduce the feeling of withdrawal. They distribute nicotine in the body through the skin. There are several types of patches that have different duration of effect. The principle is to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine released. The treatment will generally last between 3 and 6 months. The only downside to the patches is that in some people they can cause burning and itching.

Chewing gum

The principle is identical to the patches except that nicotine is transmitted to the body through the oral mucosa. Side effects can be burning in the throat or stomach. It also happens sometimes that one becomes addicted to the gum.


It takes on the same shape as a cigarette but delivers artificial smoke. It allows people accustomed to the movement of cigarettes to maintain this attitude. We find the gestures of cigarettes but without carcinogens.


They are similar to inhalers used for people with asthma. Nicotine is delivered in the form of mouth inhalations. Each time you want to smoke, it suffices to inhale a puff of the inhaler. The disadvantages are the appearance in some people of cough and mouth irritation. The price of the inhaler is also quite high.

Tobacco-free cigarettes

They are cigarettes identical to real cigarettes except that they are composed of a mixture of herbs and plants therefore without tobacco or nicotine. The use of this product is not recommended because the smoke produced by cigarettes remains very carcinogenic.


There are different homeopathic solutions that can be effective for different people. Ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice, who will advise you on a treatment suitable for you. In addition, this treatment is reimbursed by social security. Treatment however ineffective for very heavy smokers.


It is a Chinese technique which consists of inserting fine needles in specific places of the human body. This method can be combined with other techniques in order to be more efficient.


Hypnosis is used to promote the smoker's sleep and to free him from his thoughts about tobacco. The effectiveness of this technique varies greatly from one subject to another.

Sport activity

It can be very interesting to combine these techniques with the practice of sport. Sport will allow you to be more relaxed and more liberated.

It is advisable to try several techniques until you find your own. The most important thing to have is willpower. Without it you will not be able to do it.

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