How to recognize an abnormal mole

Do you find one or more of your moles too large, different from the others or having strange colors, for example a mole that is too light or too dark? Know that it is important to monitor your moles by a doctor because some of them can be dangerous. It is also necessary to observe them yourself in order to detect any anomalies.

For this, you can pre-check your moles by analysing the 4 following points :

It makes it possible to recognize part of the so-called "atypical" moles. This rule is not universal and does not apply to all moles, hence the need to consult a doctor for any doubt.

Asymmetrical: the mole does not present symmetry. If we draw a line in the middle of this mole, the two parts will not have the same shape.

Irregular edges: the edges are not sharp.

Different colors: the mole is made up of several colors.

Diameter : diameter greater than 6 millimeters.


It is important to take into account the multiplicity of atypical moles. The more atypical moles you have, the more likely you are to have melanone. In this case, take special care to protect yourself well when exposed to the sun.

If this rule is not universal, there is a phenomenon that is valid for any mole: evolution. Any button or task that changes should prompt you to see a doctor.

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