How to remove a stye

A stye is a small white pimple that can appear at the base of the eyelashes. This reflects a slight inflammation of the eyelid or the root of an eyelash. While it is certainly harmless, it is very annoying and what is more is contagious.

Do not touch a stye directly or squeeze it, as this may spread the inflammation. Do not use makeup on the contaminated eye.

To treat it, apply a sterile hot compress soaked in muddy water. Practice this 3 times a day.

As soon as the lump turns white, or you notice pus, remove the annoying eyelash with tweezers. Wash your hands with an antiseptic to prevent the spread. You can cleanse your eye using antiseptic eye drops (available in pharmacies).

4da6b51b829d5c28331b307038012c2a490731672a9c9Remember to wash your hands regularly after each manipulation of your eye.

For people with contact lenses, it is advisable not to wear them while the eye is infected.

If after treatment it still does not get better, see a doctor. You may not have a stye, but a chalenzon. This must be removed with a small surgical operation.


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