How to remove or avoid a hangover

How to remove or avoid a hangover Getty Images

Do you find yourself with a huge headache after a drunken night? Don't you know how to get rid of that terrible pain that hits your head? Here you will be given the basic techniques that work. These are not quick fixes, but they work for most people.

1. Drink plenty of water before or right after the party.

The biggest mistake is not to drink water before sleeping, that's how you end up with a steamroller in your brain in the early hours of the morning (or during the afternoon depending on the case).

The main reason for hangover headaches is dehydration, and since your brain is mostly water, you should definitely drink plenty of water before you dominate; this is what I call "drink your liter". Some will tell you to drink sugared water, for example by adding syrup, because it seems that fructose accelerates the descent of alcohol, but no study has been done on the subject.

It is also a water-sugar mixture that you will receive in your infusion if you ever have the misfortune of ending up in hospital because of your excess of ethanol drinks.

A word of advice: prepare your water-syrup mixture or simply a large bottle of water before the evening and place it in the fridge, you will see how happy it is to find it when you return from the evening.

2. Have a full stomach before you start the party.

It is important not to start a drunken night on an empty stomach, because it is the best way to quickly shorten your evening. Indeed, alcohol would penetrate too quickly into your blood and would certainly deprive you of good times while you rub shoulders with the deodorant block of the toilet. So eat a hearty meal before you start the evening, or failing that, eat enough during the party.

If your host is tight-fisted and has nothing planned to eat for his guests, you still have the solution of "5 o'clock in the morning ketchup pasta". Cook yourself a good pasta dish, it's quickly done, within the reach of a drunken person (be careful with boiling water anyway) and it will lower your alcohol level more quickly. If you are really unfit for pasta, eat cereal with milk, it nourishes and hydrates at the same time.

3. Take an aspirin the next day.

If despite these good tips, you have not managed to avoid this damn hangover, the ultra-known technique of aspirin still works in addition to good rehydration. So drink a lot as soon as you wake up, it will do you a lot of good. If you feel really bad, don't drink too fast, it may cause you to vomit, drink slowly but regularly. Personally, I advise you to take a drug based on paracetamol (eg: Dafalgan ©, Efferalgan ©, Doliprane ©, etc ...) in 500mg or 1g depending on your body size, this will quickly alleviate this nasty hangover. Be careful, taking medication may cause side effects, read the instructions carefully before use in all situations and if in doubt, consult your doctor.

Here are the basic tips to remember to make the most of your evening without suffering too much the consequences the next day. But in any case, never drive after a drunken evening and avoid any risky behavior (climbing, unprotected sex, beam competition, etc.).

Enjoy your evenings and despite everything, remember that alcohol is consumed in moderation, it is your liver that will say thank you later!

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