How to treat an ophthalmic migraine

Ophthalmic migraine is a disease that eats away at many people. Its appearance can quickly become hell. However, there are solutions to relieve you.



We call phosphene the feeling of seeing a light or spots appear in the visual field. Phosphenes have multiple causes: mechanical, magnetic, electrical, mechanical stimulation of the retina or the visual cortex. Add to this the destruction of cells in the visual system.

This phenomenon is sometimes due to retinal persistence. Retinal persistence usually occurs after the point fixation of a light source. Phosphenes are sometimes a sign of retinal detachment. But for what interests us in our case, the phosphenes also appear during ophthalmic migraine.

The scintillating scotoma

It is he who most often characterizes ophthalmic migraine. The scotoma occurs suddenly and it is impossible to predict. It is generally perceived as a point glow. Its location is first in the center of the visual field before spreading to the sides. Normally it moves in dotted lines, leaving a scotoma (a trail). This phenomenon is nevertheless regressive and it disappears after about an hour.
It is these two phenomena that are at the origin of migraine.

The onset of migraine

migraine_femmeThe sudden and sudden appearance of a scotoma causes an anxious reflex. This reflex will plunge the person of himself into a certain anxiety, which will reduce his breathing rate.

This is called hypoventilation.
It is the fact of remaining in this state of anxiety that will cause the onset of migraine.

Return of migraine

The second time a person has a scotoma, they will remember that it goes away quickly and is not going to worry. However, the person remembers that after the scotoma he will experience a migraine.

It is this mechanism of migraine apprehension that will plunge the person back into migraine.

Treat migraine

You must breathe hyperventilating (forced, rapid and deep breathing) as soon as the feeling of headache appears. Mastering this step can eliminate the need for medication.
In the event that migraine appears, prefer to use paracetamol (if you're not allergic).
Finally, if you have not succeeded in anticipating the warning signs of migraine, there is still a radical treatment which is Zomigoro. It is a prescription-only drug that treats migraine attacks.

In all cases, if symptoms persist, seek medical attention promptly.

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