How to treat bad breath

A subject of mockery and often taboo, bad breath can ruin your life. This disorder is called halitosis. But do not despair, there are several solutions to remedy it simply and effectively.


Often, it is thought that the origin of bad breath is digestive. However, this is oral in more than 70 percent of cases. People with this disorder are often unaware of it. These are the remarks of the people they meet that are there to make him understand.

To correctly diagnose the cause of this bad breath, it is advisable to consult your dentist. They can quickly determine the origin of the problem. If the halitosis is not of oral origin, it can come from ENT, digestive or pulmonary diseases. But these cases are very infrequent. This is why we are only interested in oral halitosis.

How do they happen?


These odors come from the breakdown of proteins from our food. These degradations are caused by the bacteria contained in our mouth. This releases volatile sulfur compounds (CSV), in other words a smell of sulfur. These bacteria will accumulate on the reliefs of the tongue and at the back of the mouth. Stress will increase this phenomenon.




What are the causes ?

They are multiple and a medical examination can distinguish them:
- Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (damage to periodontal tissues),
- the smell of the lingual armature,
- caries,
- unsuitable restorations.


How to get rid of it?

bad_breath_healWe must begin by treating cavities, periodontal disease, defective restorations, and tartar.

You can then reinforce your toothbrushing by using dental floss, a tongue scraper or an anti-microbial oral solution. You can also change your eating habits by avoiding certain foods (garlic, onions, spices, alcohol). Avoid the consumption of tobacco. If after that your problem is still present, see your dentist for further advice.

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