How to treat sunstroke

Have you been in the sun for too long and now have an unpleasant feeling of heat and headaches? Maybe you also have the feeling you want to throw up ? You are most likely the victim of sunstroke.

Sunstroke is actually an abnormal rise in body temperature above the normal threshold (37 ° c - 37.5 ° c) following prolonged exposure to the sun. It can be dangerous for health, especially for young children and the elderly.

If you did not know how to protect yourself in time, it is imperative to lower your body temperature by putting yourself in a cool place and if you can, take a long, cool shower. The symptoms will also disappear thanks to good rehydration.

In very severe cases of sunstroke, help must be called. While waiting for the ambulance to come, it is essential to follow the advice given above.


To avoid this kind of mishap, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Avoid prolonged exposure and efforts in the sun during the hottest hours (between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.)

- Avoid a nap in the sun.

- Wear a light-colored hat or cap. The same goes for clothes, wearing them loose if possible and in light colors.

- Hydrate yourself without feeling strongly thirsty. Avoid alcoholic drinks which accelerates dehydration.

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