How to avoid or remove a side stitch

The side stitch is a phenomenon that very often happens to anyone who jogs. If it is annoying, there are techniques to remove a side stitch and prevent its arrival.

How to remove a side stitch

- Start by pressing with your hand on the painful spot.

- Lean to the side where you feel the pain and breathe out deeply.

- You can slow down the pace until it disappears or even stop if the pain becomes too intense.

- Concentrate on your breathing and make sure it is deep and slow.

- If the pain is persistent and too strong, consult a doctor.

To avoid any pain and discomfort, it is best to do everything to prevent the arrival of a sideline.

How to prevent a side stitch

To avoid the appearance of a side stitch, you have to start slowly and gradually increase your pace. Also remember to warm up your diaphragm by inhaling deeply with your mouth and pulling in your belly then inflate your belly while exhaling.

Listen carefully to your breathing while running. This must be regular.

Also remember to drink in small sips while waiting if possible for your digestion to be completed.

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