How to build muscle faster

Have you decided to play sports to gain muscle, but find that your efforts are not rewarded? To get muscles faster, try to do your exercises (push-ups, push-ups, abs ...) in the morning after doing warm-up exercises.

In fact, when you wake up, the muscles used after sleep will work more efficiently because they will not use the fat from meals.

Also, don't stop your efforts after a certain number . Do as much as you can and when you really can't take it, do another 10. It will be those ten extra reps that will build muscle. For example, if after 50 repetitions you are exhausted, push until you do 60.

Remember to eat a balanced diet and do some cardio because even if you start to build muscle, the fruit of your efforts may very well be hidden under your fat.

Favor running or swimming to eliminate your fat in addition to your bodybuilding and a balanced and moderate diet.

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