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How to fish for pike

Pêcher le brochet Pêcher le brochet

Pike can be fished in different ways. I will explain the four major.

The pike fishing to the quick



The Live-baiting is to present live bait. Use a telescopic fishing rod with a power ranging between 80 and 100g. Prefer the most vivid attracitf possible to get a better result.


Fishing with dead fish placed



This technique is basically used to fish for perch. Nevertheless, it is also very effective for fish for pike. For this, use a sardine or mackerel which are particularly effective for pike bait.


Fishing with dead fish handled



For this technique to be effective against pike, pick a good horse and handle this by creating a good animation. Therefore, we will seek pike midwater where it is located.


Use lures




There are three types of effective lures for fish for pike:


- The spinners: they are very suitable for a thorough raking of posts among the obstacles. To catch the pike, the spoon should turn upon his arrival in the water. It must recover very slow speeds.

- The undulating spoons: this lure should work like a dead fish. By wrist shots of the fisherman, pike will be attracted. For the movement to be effective, do a slow swimming, interspersed with small bursts and change of direction.

- The swimming fish: the advantage of these lures is that they come to the surface once the recovery is interrupted while they are sinking faster lorqu'on. They are perfectly adapatés to waters in the middle of the water lilies that are privileged spostes pike.