How to fight fatigue

There are many things you can do to fight fatigue every day. This article will explain the best techniques to stay in shape and make the most of your days and nights.

Fight fatigue through diet

Certain foods will help your body to better deal with fatigue.


An energy supply will be provided by carbohydrates. With the cold and winter, our body craves more. There are two types of sugar, the fast and the slow. It is necessary to avoid too much ingesting fast sugars (alcohol, sodas ...). These fast sugars enter the blood quickly, but they are the source of blood sugar and these sugars are transformed into fat. While slow sugars (bread, rice ...) diffuse slowly in the blood and have a low glycemic index.

Eat by preferring slow sugars and limiting fast sugars.


The best way to get vitamin C is through food. Vitamin C is an energy supplier. It is found in fruits such as kiwi, citrus fruits, papaya ... Although less known, some vegetables are also rich in vitamin (tomato, salad, peppers, broccoli ....). To keep as much vitamins as possible, avoid soaking these foods in water.


We often lend an aphrodisiac side to spices but we must not forget that they are very useful for giving a boost to your body. Ginger and saffron are great invigorating in addition to being aphrodisiac.

Sleep well to fight fatigue

Sleeping well is essential for being in good shape. To learn all the techniques for getting a good night's sleep, go to our article " How to sleep well ".

Recover well to fight fatigue

A good night's sleep a week is not enough to make up for all the gaps of the nights spent. It is important to respect your rhythm and sleep cycle. It is important to anticipate the times of the year when you will need more energy. Rest well and eat light before the holiday season. Sleep longer when the nights get longer. Your body will thank you and so will your head.

Fatigue is felt even more when you feel like you are overtaken by time. Limit your activities or organize yourself more effectively to get the most out of it. Remember to give yourself time to recuperate and breathe.

Never forget to listen to your body. He knows better than anyone when he needs a rest.

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