How to give a relaxing massage

It is very important that you pay attention to your partner's reactions, measure your massage against the reactions you hear and feel. It is in any case preferable not to insist too heavily, under penalty of straining a muscle.

Also, be careful not to stress the spine so as not to risk moving a vertebra.

Oil your hands before starting the massage for more comfort.

There are two main types of massage that you can do with your partner:

1. The relaxing massage

Your goal will be to relax your partner as much as possible in order to make him forget all the stresses of everyday life. Thus, you will have to have slow and calm gestures, very uniform. If you are doing well, don't be surprised that your partner falls asleep, it just shows that you are good.

2. Sensual massage

In this case, it is better that the partner does not fall asleep. Rather, it will be necessary to vary the speed and the pressures exerted.

The most erotic massage ever is melee. You just have to massage the other with all the parts of his body, such as the forearms, the bust ...

roller-massage-zesolutionIn any case, you can use a massage roller which causes different sensations in the hands.

For the movements, take inspiration from the video below.

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