How to lose weight

If you have a few pounds to lose and you don't know how, follow these tips. Weight loss will be achieved by playing on two levers: sports activity and food balance.

The most important thing is obviously the food balance which is the basis of your weight loss. You will need to have regular meals (3 per day), that you do not skip any meals and that you pay attention to what you put on your plate.

Avoid fatty meats and prefer lean meats like chicken or rabbit and eat fish. Include a significant portion of vegetables in your diet. Remove all sugary drinks, alcohol, and sweets from your diet. The most important thing is to eat your fill and take your time to eat.

If you are used to eating on the go, you will need to change this habit. It is necessary that you take yourself at least half an hour to eat because by eating quickly, you will not chew your food well, your digestion will be more difficult, fat will be accumulated more easily and the feeling of fullness will not have the effect. time to arrive and you will eat too much for your needs.

The second lever of your diet will be sports . No need to become a marathoner, you just need to favor walking over motorized travel. Take the stairs and avoid the elevators as much as possible. The ideal is to walk at least the equivalent of half an hour during the day.

In addition, find a sports activity that allows you to run or swim, activities that allow you to tone as many muscles as possible. Working your muscles will burn fat, especially in the places where you work your muscles. If you want to lose belly fat to erase your unsightly bulges, do not hesitate to do abdominal exercises in the morning when you wake up (this will only be more effective).

By applying these tips, the results should come quickly, the hard part for you will be to stick to this diet for the long term but like all challenges in life, it only depends on your motivation and it's up to you to find yours.

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