What are the symptoms of quitting smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? You are making the right decision. But beware, this is anything but easy. You are likely to experience all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. This article aims to introduce them to you so that you can prepare for them.

These symptoms can be:

- appearance of dizziness and fatigue after a few days.

- A drop in blood pressure (consult a doctor if you have any doubts about your health).

- A hardening of the chest.

- Insomnia.

- The nerves en bloc (frustration).

- Constipation. To reduce this symptom, it is advisable to hydrate a lot and eat mandarins and oranges which facilitate transit.

- Lower morale.

- Weight gain to compensate for the lack.

These symptoms are felt a lot in the first days and weeks of withdrawal. You must not give in because once these inconveniences are over, your body will once again be used to going without nicotine and you will finally feel the benefits of not being a smoker.

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