How to repair a Nespresso coffee maker

How to repair a Nespresso coffee maker

If your Nespresso coffee maker shows some problems like a coffee flow problem or a electronic problem, here is the different steps to follow :

1. Make a descaling with white vinegar

Take 25 cl of vinegar that you mix with water to the brim and run the machine to drain the tank.

You should do it every 50 uses because it is common for the hole in the pod receptacle to get blocke.

2. If the problem stays, it may be due to a mechanical problem, often to a pump malfunction.

Try to dissassemble the pump system, clean it, and reassemble it.

3. In the case that the problem comes from the buttons, maybe that some liquid seeped into the electrical circuits and cause short circuits.

In this case, return the coffee maker to Nespresso customer service.