How to choose a good electric heater

How to choose a good electric heater

The differents types of electric heaters

There are four types of electric heating: convectors, radians, smooth heat heaters, inertia heaters.


Its operation is very simple. Cold air comes from the bottom of the unit, heats up on contact with an electrical resistance, and comes out from the top. They are cheap to buy.


For heating rayonannts is a resistance plate which will transmit heat through a steel façade. The heat will spread into the room meiux and softer.

Smooth heat heater

These heaters are powered by two independent sources of heat. The first is a resistance fixed on the surface of the device. This heat will be felt immediately, which can heat a room fastly. The second is a soft heat that comes from a complementary second resistor on the back. It is generally stored in the device to be released smoothly and continuously. These types of heaters allow to spread permanently smooth heat.

Inertia heater

Radiators inertia continue to radiate heat even when turned off. The heat released by these heaters is comparable with central heating. We distinguish the devices to heat transfer fluid (resistance is immersed in a coolant for an optimal heat distribution) and those having dry resistances (the heat is obtained by the increase of resistance temperature).

Power of the device

In order to choose the power adapted to the space you want to heat, there are 3 criteria to be taken into account : the insulation of the room, its size and the general climate of the area. For example, a house properly insulated and located in an continental climate area will require about 100 W per square meter.

A device depending on room type

- Dining: prefer to use a smooth heat heater.

- Kitchen and bathroom: radiants .

- Bedroom: radiants.