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What is the best music / video player app on Android ?

Tired by the default music player under Android Android 2.1 or 2.2?

 You want an app that reads videos, allowing direct search in titles or artists and a cool interface ?

 I tested for you 5 major Android app capable to replace default player.There are two major categories: apps that allow research but do not read video and apps reading videos but do not direct research.  Fortunately an app does both, it's Mixzing.

 Here are the different apps tests :

Cubed - Android 5.  Cubed app (³)

Cubed is the application having the most original interface. Search is performed using a rotating cube.
Si on le tourne dans le sens horizontal, on change la première lettre recherchée. If we turn it in the horizontal direction, we change the artists's first letter. If you turn the cube vertically, we search among artists with the letter selected before.

The interface is convenient but confusing at first. The main downside of this app is the lack of video playback.

Advantages: original interface, quick search of titles.

Disadvantages: Confusing at first, lack of video playback.


winamp-android-zesolution 4. Winamp app

Winamp is the adaptation of the famous PC radio and music player. Unfortunately, the Android app is not meant to know the same renown as his counterpart on PC. The search interface is present but it is independent from the music list, which is not practical. Moreover, Winamp does not play videos. The only advantage of this application is the display of album art.

Advantages: Display album art

Disadvantages: Search is not practical, does not play videos.

meridian-android-zesolution 3. Meridian App

Meridian is part of the ergonomic reader who read the video, has an aesthetics interface and an instant handling. It has a rating system with stars. Unfortunately, Meridian does not allow direct search on titles.

Advantages: User-friendly, plays videos.

Disadvantages: Do not allow direct search on titles.



2.  DoubleTwist App

Double Twist is very  aesthetical. The interface is beautiful and user-friendly, it is called "iTunes for Android." We constantly see song playing wherever we are in the app. Rating system with stars is a breeze.

Features like the shuffle or random are easily accessible. Double Twist created thumbnails for videos, making them quickly identifiable. Double Twist also allow to listen to radio stations and podcasts.  It also has the feature called AirSync, allowing to synchronize with iTunes playlists (strange for a Apple competitor :-) )

Unfortunately, this application has no direct research.

Advantages: very user-friendly interface, video playback, thumbnails for videos, radio, podcasts, AirSync.

Disadvantages: No direct search on titles.

mixzing-android-zesolution 1. 1. L'appli Mixzing The application Mixzing

Mixzing is the only player tested here that can play videos and has a direct search. That ranks it to first place because it was my main criteria for selection. Nevertheless, it has other advantages.

Mixzing has an equalizer reachable from the current reading. You can find information about the track being played through a button looking for info on the net. Classics features classics like shuffle, random, are also present. Like other apps, playlists are available. Mixzing can also read the recently added titles. 

In general, the app is very fast.

By cons, we would have liked a permanent reminder of the current playback wherever we are in the application.  The videos have no thumbnails but are read very quickly. The application is user-friendly but not great aesthetically.

Advantages: Plays videos, allows direct search, read the latest music added.

Disadvantages: No thumbnails for videos, no reminder of the playing, not great aesthetically.



If you want to recommend another app, leave a comment.