How to Convert to Islam

se convertir a lislam se convertir a lislam

Islam is a religion which attracts more and more people. Far from the idea to any debate about religion, I wish you only explain the process to make to become Muslim. It is important to think carefully before trying to convert. Once your decision to become Muslim déifinitive, you can then start the conversion.

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended to visit the Imam of your city who will advise you in your approach. To start converting you need to recite the Shahadah "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" in Arabic is "Ach dou ha wa alla ilaha illala ach ha dou anna mouhammadan rasouloulla". The Imam will advise you most often a short course of a few days or weeks to pass the founding principles of Islam, its history and its precepts.

The official date of the conversion, the person will repeat in front of worshipers in a mosque in the Shahadah. He will then take a bath and clean the whole body. Circumcision is not obligatory for men but is recommended. The person can then either keep her name either choose an Arab name.

The person then receives a certificate of the mosque showing his entry into religion.

Upon pronouncing the Shahadah, the person may consider themselves Muslim prayers begin.