How to remove a wax stain from clothes

A candle has flowed on one of your clothes and you are having trouble removing this nasty stain? Do not panic, it is easy to remove the wax stain by following these tips:

1. Remove most of the wax with the rounded edge of a spoon or a fork.

Let the wax stain dry first, then gently scrape the stain with a non-sharp utensil.

2. Place absorbent paper / paper towels on the wax stain and then pass the iron

The goal here is to melt the wax and have it absorbed by the paper towel. If you can adjust the temperature of your iron, turn it on low, without steam, and avoid standing still for too long on the garment.

3. Pre-treat the stain before washing

If there is still an oily stain on the garment after applying the iron, put a pre-wash treatment product to put on the stain before putting it in the machine.

4. Machine wash the garment

Following these different steps, all you have to do is wash the garment following the recommendations and the usual temperatures. The wax stain will most certainly have disappeared after this wash.

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