How to remove scale from your Senseo coffee maker

Your Senseo coffee maker is full of limescale or lime and is starting to show signs of weakness. It is high time to clean it up. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Fill the tank with white wine vinegar

White vinegar is the best product for descaling a coffee maker and moreover at a low cost. You can put pure vinegar or dilute it up to 50% with cold water.

2. Leave the vinegar for about 5 minutes in the tank to descale it.

3. Switch on your coffee maker

Allow about half of the liquid to pass through, then wait 5-10 minutes for the second half to pass. Once this step is done, you can empty the vinegar from your Senseo coffee maker.

4. Do the same again with pure water.

Now fill the tank with plain water and repeat the operation by passing half of it, wait 5 minutes, then pass the rest; You can repeat this operation 2-3 times.


There you have it, the scale or limescale has disintegrated from your Senseo coffee maker.


5. If your coffee maker still does not work

You can try the ultimate solution without touching the electronic components of the machine by trying the Senseo coffee maker reset procedure . To do this, unplug the machine, press the "One cup" button, keep your finger pressed on it and reconnect your Senseo coffee maker. Wait a minute and try to operate your coffee maker again.

If the problem is still not resolved, it is likely that one of the capacitors is out of order. The easiest way if you are not a handyman is to return your coffee maker to the after-sales service.

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