Where to find the best tartes flambées (Flammkuechen) in Strasbourg and surroundings

  You visit Alsace or do you live there, you fancy a good tarte flambée but you wonder where you could find a good restaurant with tartes flambées? It would be a shame to miss out on the good addresses that prepare it wonderfully. Here is a non-exhaustive list of restaurants renowned for their quality Alsatian food (judged mainly on their tarts flambées) and tested by the author. On the second page you will also find a list of restaurants to avoid for the poor quality of their tarte flambée. Feel free to recommend your favorite restaurant in the comments below.

The best tartes flambées restaurants tested:

  • Restaurant "l'Aigle" in Pfulgriesheim
    22 Rue Principale - 67370 Pfulgriesheim - 03 88 20 17 80
    The reputation of the Eagle is well established. It is not uncommon for the restaurant to be full during the week. So remember to book, especially if you plan to go there on weekends.
    The restaurant only serves normal and au gratin tarts flambées, the quantity and quality are there. the pies are creamy and well garnished. The other dishes are also very well served.
  • Restaurant "les Maronniers" in Stutzheim
    18 route de Saverne - 67370 Stutzheim-Offenheim - 03 88 69 84 30
    “Les Maronniers” is an essential address for Strasbourg residents. City dwellers generally do not hesitate to leave the capital to find themselves in this typically Alsatian inn. The tarts flambées are generous there. Don't hesitate to try the Munster tarts flambée. However, be careful, the prices are slightly above average. This does not prevent the restaurant from being fully booked very regularly.
  • Restaurant "le Gutlerhoft" Strasbourg
    13 Place de la Cathédrale - 67000 Strasbourg - 03 88 75 00 75

    Located on the cathedral square, this restaurant, located in a cellar, is associated with the Dauphin restaurant located just above. This address which could be compared to a tourist trap in view of its location knows how to surprise by the quality of its dishes. The tarte flambée is very well made and the prices are correct. Would recommend if you want to eat in Strasbourg city center.
  • Restaurant "Binchstub" in Strasbourg
    6 rue du Tonnelet Rouge - 67000 Strasbourg - 03 88 13 47 73
    Restaurant run by two young enthusiasts, this address, impossible to find if you don't know, knows how to surprise. First of all, you find yourself in a cramped place, which prevents you from coming in a large group (maximum 4 people). But the ambiance of this place is simply unique as you will find yourself eating and drinking at the counter. The pies, generous and served quickly, are cooked over a wood fire in front of your eyes and all the products used are from the region. The prices are a bit high, but it's a great place to eat and drink with a friend.

Unfortunately, despite being in the capital of tarte flambée, you will not always have good surprises if you want to eat a good tarte flambée. Below are a few addresses that have disappointed me every time I have been there.

Tartes flambées restaurants not recommended (personal opinion):

  • Restaurant au 3 Brasseurs
    22 rue des Veaux - 67000 Strasbourg - 03 88 36 12 13
    This restaurant, part of a national chain, is well located next to the River Ill. The setting is nice, the atmosphere often there. "Les 3 brasseurs" offer an all-you-can-eat formula including tarts flambées and a pitcher of homemade beer. Unfortunately, you will eat there for all the reasons in the world except for their tarts flambées!
    Bland taste, almost non-existent garnish, the only way to find any interest in their pies is to never have eaten anywhere else. In addition, the restaurant is often crowded on weekend evenings and you can sometimes wait a very long time to be served
    , the kitchen does not adjust to the fill rate, it feels like in a factory (it was happened to wait more than an hour between two pies despite having raised three times the waitress) . In short, unless you are a group of students wanting to spend a festive evening in their cellar, this is an address to avoid.
  • Restaurant "Le Flam's"
    29 rue des Frères - 67000 Strasbourg - 03 88 36 36 90
    This restaurant located behind the cathedral is also part of a chain. The atmosphere is good, the setting friendly. Like the 3 Brasseurs, the Flam's offers a "All you can eat tarts flambé" formula and like the 3 Brasseurs, their tarts flambées are among the worst you will find in Strasbourg ...
    However, the Flam's pies are original (ex: tarts flambées with goat cheese and honey). Unfortunately, the quality of the ingredients is very low. It is a real tourist trap and unless you want to "stuff yourself", you will not go to this restaurant if you prioritize quality over quantity.
    On the other hand, the service is fast and the staff is pleasant, so it should be noted that this address can help out if you find yourself after 11 p.m. in the city center with a starving stomach.
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