How and when to plant salads

Spring has finally arrived and the beautiful days make you suddenly want to garden? Have you always dreamed of tasting the pleasure of fresh salads? You knocked on the good door !

The salad is very easy to grow and the many varieties available will satisfy every foodie that you are. Start by choosing the type or types of salad you want to grow.

The salad, to each its variety

 A little reminder of the different and main varieties of salad:

- lettuce: the lettuce leaves are tender, soft and slightly firm. This salad is generally unanimous.

- arugula: its "spicy" taste enhances your starters, dishes and sauces. Its distinctive flavor that can be described as bitter will delight more than one.

- romaine lettuce: it's the ultimate summer salad! Juicy, crisp and with a touch of bitterness, you will taste it without "hunger".

- batavia lettuce: crunchy and tender at the same time, you will fall for its slightly sweet taste.

- escarole: very crunchy, with a hint of bitterness and benefiting from a crop with very little loss, escarole is a safe choice for any gardener.

- curly lettuce : I'm talking about the salad here of course ... its bitterness and its many benefits make it one of the most popular salads.

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When to plant your salads

Yes before you harvest your salads, you have to plant them. Although you can plant your salads throughout the year, the choice of when to plant will affect the harvest date.

 Sowing according to the harvest date:

- for a harvest in March : plant in mid-January

- for a harvest in summer: plant at the end of April, beginning of May

- for a harvest in autumn: plant in summer

- for a winter harvest: plant in September.

How to plant salads

You can either buy young salad plants in a garden center, or make your own seedlings yourself.

To plant your salads, proceed as follows:

- start by loosening the soil on the surface

- enrich the earth

- spread your plants by about 30 cm

- place the root in the ground making sure that the collar remains free.

In summer, water your salads abundantly and regularly. Be careful not to wet the leaves to prevent them from being scorched by the sun.

 Harvest, prepare and taste!

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