How and when to plant tomatoes

The tomato is the most consumed cooking ingredient in the world, just after the potato. But besides, the tomato, fruit or vegetable? To make it short and simple, from a biological point of view the tomato is a fruit because there are seeds inside. On the other hand, from a culinary point of view, it is a vegetable (it is cooked in a salty way). It's sort of a fruit vegetable, although to be exact it is considered a fruit.

The tomato is also known to be a very easy fruit to grow. Are you embarking on the creation of a vegetable garden? Do you dream of having beautiful and juicy fresh tomatoes? So follow the guide!

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Where to plant tomatoes?

You are free, according to your possibilities, to choose the best place for your tomatoes. They can be grown both in a greenhouse, outside or even in a pot. What you have to respect at all costs is to protect your tomatoes from the wind and put them in the sunniest place possible! Yes, the tomato loves to sunbathe! Or rather blush in the sun (she is not a fan of sunscreen).

When to plant tomatoes?

Again, the best time to plant your tomatoes will depend on the facility you have. You will understand, they love the heat! The tomato is very "caliente"! If you have a heated greenhouse, the seedlings can be planted as early as January. You will then enjoy delicious tomatoes from the end of spring! In the case of an unheated greenhouse, prefer to wait until mid-March. Wait until summer to harvest them. And for the less equipped among you, that is to say the people who will grow them outdoors, wait until mid-May before planting them.tomatoes

How to plant tomatoes?

Remember when I told you that the tomato is one of the easiest fruits to grow? Well it's true! Here's how to do it:

- Prepare your soil in the fall by enriching it with fertilizer, preferably low in nitrogen.

- In addition to heat, the tomato likes space (it will be crushed enough in your tubes of ketchup), so space each plant about 50 cm.

- The tomato is fragile, do not forget to install a tutor for each plan. It will support the stems.

- To promote the circulation of sap in the fruit, remember to cut the side leaves as soon as they exceed 5 cm.

- Your tomatoes will quickly get very hot, don't forget to water the feet regularly. Stop watering when they start to redden.


Once your tomatoes (I'm talking about the fruit you planted ...) are red, harvest, taste and above all enjoy!

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