How to do effective drainage

Drainage is an operation that artificially promotes the evacuation of water. This can be done in order to protect your home from humidity.

Realization of drainage

Start by digging a trench all around the house going down to the lower level of the foundation (if you have a cellar, go as low as this).

Then place a bed ofthe gravel (approximately 10 cm thick) at the bottom of the trench. Lay the drain on top. The drain collects runoff water.

Ideally, the drain is connected to the wastewater to allow easier drainage of the water. This is why it must be placed higher than the level of the sewers (to know the depth of the sewers, it is possible to inquire at the cadastre of your municipality).


The drain must therefore be laid with a slope (towards the sewers) of at least 2cm per meter. This will allow the water to drain away easily.

Connect the drain to the sewer then cover it entirely with gravel so that the earth cannot access the drain (otherwise it could clog the holes in the drain and prevent water from entering it).

Put the earth back in place.

Your drainage system is done!

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