How to grow basil

To succeed in your cultivation, opt for basil sold in pots. This will prevent you from transplanting the basil from one pot to another. From April, plant the young plants, taking care to choose a rich soil, well drained and not too wet. Make sure the plants get as much light as possible, as this will promote growth.




Basil is an easy-going plant. It is nevertheless necessary to make sure to carry out regular watering so that this plant keeps its green color. If the water supply is too low, the leaves will tend to turn yellow. To benefit from even denser foliage, you can remove the small white leaves that appear at the end of the basil stems. Protect your plants well in winter because they are very fragile in the face of the cold.

Plants in the ground will need appropriate mulching while those in pots will need to overwinter indoors. To restart flowering, prune your plants in April so that they have better growth. As soon as the sunny days arrive, proceed to the multiplication of your plants by taking basil seeds which must be grown on light, airy and well-drained soil. Note that basil is not particularly afraid of diseases or parasites.

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