How to grow garlic

When to plant it?

The period from October to December is perfect for white and purple garlic. The January-February period for pink garlic.


Harvest period

There is one head of garlic per planted clove. The best time to harvest garlic is from June.


How to plant garlic?

It is advisable to plant the garlic in a row, separating the pods by about twenty centimeters. You can use your fingers to push the pods about 3 centimeters deep. Plant the pod with the tip up, making sure to leave part of the tip on the surface. You can use special fertilizer to promote growth. There is no watering to do. After about 1 month, you should break the crust of dry soil that forms around the young plants. Repeat this operation 2 to 3 times and take the opportunity to remove the weeds.


Protect garlic

Garlic fears rust. To treat garlic preventively, use a product based on mancozeb in April-May.


How to harvest garlic?

As soon as the leaves start to turn yellow and dry out, you can tie them to promote the concentration of sap around the bulb. After a few days of waiting, proceed to harvest. Lightly dig up the top of the bulb by pulling on the base of the leaves. Be careful not to damage the bulbs. Leave them in the open air for 2 to 3 days. Once dry, arrange the bulbs in a cool, dry place. It is also possible to make braids and hang them.

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